Special Update – August Mid Month Update

Following a volatile start to the period, global equity markets rose in the first half of August, with notable gains in particular in the US. Data indicating a slowdown in global demand initially weighed on sentiment, but more positive data helped markets rebound, particularly the slowdown in US consumer and producer price inflation, which also reduced expectations of an aggressive US interest rate increase in September. UK markets rose, despite the Bank of England increasing interest rates by 0.5% to 1.75%, whilst warning of a drawn-out recession.

Market Review – July 2022

July was a much stronger month for developed market equities, with many regional indices posting their biggest monthly gains of 2022. Sentiment was boosted by optimism over a more gradual pace of interest rate rises in the US, as well as the prospect of reductions in 2023 due to slowing global economic growth. However, there were losses for Asian and Global Emerging Markets, with China a notable faller.

Special Update – July Month End Update

The second half of July was a positive one for global markets, with most indices producing decent gains over this period. Investor sentiment was boosted at the beginning of the period by an easing in expectations that the US Federal Reserve would announce a 1% rise in interest rates, which were proved correct with the eventual decision to raise rates by 0.75%.

How will your spending change during retirement?

How will your spending change during retirement?

A new Institute of Fiscal Studies report has reported on spending throughout retirement. We look into how current and future retirees can ensure their retirement plans are in line with expectations and avoid income shortfalls.

How can pension contributions reduce your tax bill?

Making pension contributions can be a great way of saving for your future. At the start of a new tax year, you have new pension allowances available which set the maximum amounts that you can contribute in a tax efficient way. Find out how these allowances can help you.

Registering your trust

The increased use of trusts has brought about new financial planning opportunities for many people, however they also present fresh opportunities for financial crime. Find out why registering most trusts is now becoming mandatory, what happens if you don’t and how you can start the registration process.

Last chance to use your tax year end allowances

With the end of the tax year approaching, there are some great opportunities to use the allowances available. Contact us or your Origen adviser soon, so we can get the plans in place before the end of the tax year on 5 April.

UK inflation hits 30 year high

Over recent months we have seen rising inflation and the Bank of England respond with base rate increases. Rising inflation
impacts financial planning, but we can help.

Can your retirement savings provide the income you need?

Our advisers can help you to assess how much income you need in retirement and review whether you are on track to meet your expectations. We share some research which helps clients to understand their retirement income requirements.

Money saving tips for your tax return

As the 31 January deadline approaches for submitting your online Self Assessment tax return for tax year 2020-21, we provide guidance to help you to complete this task.

Is cash king?

Cash is important in a portfolio, but there are risks of being too reliant on cash savings at a time of rising inflation and low interest rates.

How to claim tax relief on your pension contributions

Tax relief is a valuable incentive for saving for retirement. Jamie Tough explains the value of basic rate tax relief, but if you are a higher rate or additional rate taxpayer, you need to make sure you claim the additional tax relief which you are entitled to receive.

No room for Budget giveaways

Prior to October’s Budget, David Hands looks at the signals coming from the Office of Budget Responsibility. Not surprisingly, the government is tightening its belt.

Effective savings for you and your family

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are commonplace amongst financial planning – but are you using the allowance effectively? ISAs and other allowances, including Child Trust Funds, play a part in providing our advice recommendations on effective saving strategies.

A clear view of retirement income

Retirement planning is most effective with a clear view of the income required and identifying the shortfall that financial plans need to meet. Our advisers help our clients to look ahead with confidence in their retirement planning.

Making financial plans for long term care

Long term care is a growing area of financial planning. There are limits for State support, but our advisers can help you and your family to manage long term care costs or plan ahead.

How to make the most of your savings

During the pandemic many have faced lower outgoings due to the restrictions, with no holidays or reduced travel costs, which has allowed some to make savings. We look at the global impact on savings and how we can help you to continue or start the savings habit.

Is your Power of Attorney fit for purpose?

Many people have set up a power of attorney, but in this article we highlight the need to review these arrangements or take care when setting up new powers of attorney.

Are you retirement ready?

We discuss the importance of having robust plans that meet your income needs throughout retirement and how we can help to be retirement ready.

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We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. To use the website as intended please…