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With both increasing life expectancy and many workers struggling to save, this is creating a ‘perfect storm’ for future retirees from the younger generations. We look at how you can help future generations.
With record receipts generated over the past year, we look at the potential future of what’s often branded as Britain’s ‘most hated tax’ and actions you can take.
Discover more about the FCA’s new rules which is directing firms to warn clients about the eroding effects inflation has on cash savings.
Discover the significance of financial resilience in today's economic landscape. Learn how to prioritise financial well-being, craft an emergency fund, and how to form a confident, long-term plan for a brighter financial future.
In this article we explain the protection provided to customers of UK financial services firms through the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
In this article we analyse why annuities have become a more attractive option when it comes to planning your retirement income.
The last change in State Pension age (SPA) was phased in between December 2018 and October 2020. We take a look at new research that shows how the most recent increase in State Pension age has hit those affected.
A new Institute of Fiscal Studies report has reported on spending throughout retirement. We look into how current and future retirees can ensure their retirement plans are in line with expectations and avoid income shortfalls.
Making pension contributions can be a great way of saving for your future. At the start of a new tax year, you have new pension allowances available which set the maximum amounts that you can contribute in a tax efficient way. Find out how these allowances can help you.
The increased use of trusts has brought about new financial planning opportunities for many people, however they also present fresh opportunities for financial crime. Find out why registering most trusts is now becoming mandatory, what happens if you don't and how you can start the registration process.
With the end of the tax year approaching, there are some great opportunities to use the allowances available. Contact us or your Origen adviser soon, so we can get the plans in place before the end of the tax year on 5 April.
Over recent months we have seen rising inflation and the Bank of England respond with base rate increases. Rising inflation impacts financial planning, but we can help.
Our advisers can help you to assess how much income you need in retirement and review whether you are on track to meet your expectations. We share some research which helps clients to understand their retirement income requirements.
As the 31 January deadline approaches for submitting your online Self Assessment tax return for tax year 2020-21, we provide guidance to help you to complete this task.
Cash is important in a portfolio, but there are risks of being too reliant on cash savings at a time of rising inflation and low interest rates.
Tax relief is a valuable incentive for saving for retirement. Jamie Tough explains the value of basic rate tax relief, but if you are a higher rate or additional rate taxpayer, you need to make sure you claim the additional tax relief which you are entitled to receive.
Prior to October's Budget, David Hands looks at the signals coming from the Office of Budget Responsibility. Not surprisingly, the government is tightening its belt.
Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) are commonplace amongst financial planning - but are you using the allowance effectively? ISAs and other allowances, including Child Trust Funds, play a part in providing our advice recommendations on effective saving strategies.
Retirement planning is most effective with a clear view of the income required and identifying the shortfall that financial plans need to meet. Our advisers help our clients to look ahead with confidence in their retirement planning.
Long term care is a growing area of financial planning. There are limits for State support, but our advisers can help you and your family to manage long term care costs or plan ahead.
During the pandemic many have faced lower outgoings due to the restrictions, with no holidays or reduced travel costs, which has allowed some to make savings. We look at the global impact on savings and how we can help you to continue or start the savings habit.
Many people have set up a power of attorney, but in this article we highlight the need to review these arrangements or take care when setting up new powers of attorney.
We discuss the importance of having robust plans that meet your income needs throughout retirement and how we can help to be retirement ready.
With the increasing threat of the lifetime allowance on pension savings, we look at the strategies available if your total pension savings exceed the lifetime allowance.
In March, the Budget confirmed that the pension lifetime allowance, the cap on total pension savings, is frozen until April 2026. Oliver Elwiss gives an insight on strategies to help retirement planning with the lifetime allowance.
Inflation has been at very low levels in recent times, but Adam Cato explains why the prospect of an increase in inflation needs to be reflected in financial planning.
In advance of the Budget, the State Pension increases have been confirmed. John Daniels explains how the increases are calculated and highlights the need for retirement planning to provide the income you need in retirement.
A recent review by the FCA has highlighted some concerns amongst investors who choose to use drawdown without financial advice. Leon Hunt reflects on these findings and how our advice service and reviews can help you to stay on track.
Following the Scottish Budget announcement on Thursday 28 January, Martin Banerjee and our technical team highlight the key points that may impact our Scottish clients.
A new year means we are fast approaching the end of another tax year. Jamie Tough identifies some of the allowances and financial planning opportunities available before the end of this tax year.
With the global impact on investment markets due to the pandemic, many UK funds have also suffered due to lower or even cancelled dividend payments, but reflecting on 2020 we can look ahead with some optimism.
The government's Spending Review, announced on Wednesday 25 November by the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, provides a stark snapshot of the impact of the coronavirus on current public finances, as well as further details of planned expenditure on public services like the NHS, education, transport and the police.
Having emergency cash funds is one of the foundations for good financial planning. Simon Sharp encourages a review of cash savings, to make sure that they are working as hard as they can for you in times of low returns.
As the State Pension Age is now 66, Tom Bradshaw considers some of the support available and additional benefits which can help to boost income in retirement.
With the attractive tax allowances for ISAs, Michael Ainsworth looks at recent information about ISAs and encourages investors to review their existing ISA investments.
The pandemic has seen regular dividend payments from many businesses either cancelled or cut. Barry Crawford looks at the impact on using investment funds for income and how a review of income strategy may help.
Financial planning as a family can be difficult to start. Martin Banerjee looks at some of the possible benefits of open family discussions for family wealth and wellbeing.
Recent market downturns have had an impact on retirement planning. We can help clients to review their plans, whether they are in retirement, approaching retirement or starting to save.
Trusts are a key part of financial planning for preserving wealth and providing for chosen beneficiaries. We provide an overview of Trusts and some options and considerations to discuss with your adviser.
Many people's finances have been hit by the pandemic, but the government are providing some support. Although there is support available, the pandemic highlights the importance of having the required level of protection in place for you and your family.
As we adapt to the easing of lockdown measures, many of us are still limiting our day to day activity. Here are some valuable tips on keeping active and ensuring that we take breaks to maintain our wellbeing.
Children born between 1 September 2002 and 2 January 2011 became entitled to a government payment. After government payments to Child Trust Funds (CTF) stopped in January 2011, the Junior ISA (JISA) was launched in November 2011. The annual subscription limit, which also applies to existing CTFs, was more than doubled to £9,000 for 2020/21.
The annual allowance sets your tax efficient limit for pension contributions. For the highest earners, the annual allowance could be further reduced. If you have been affected previously by the tapered annual allowance, you may now be able to increase your pension contributions following the Budget changes.
Without a Will, intestacy rules will determine how your estate is distributed. Having a Will can help you provide for beneficiaries and it is also important to regularly review your Will.
The Stay at Home requirements change our routine and can cause some uncertainty and anxiety. We share some tips to help you and your family remain active and look after your mental health during the lockdown.
Dividends are a valuable source of income and investment growth. But how will the coronavirus pandemic impact the outlook for company dividends?
If you have not used your full annual ISA allowance there are many options available. Don?t forget you can also save for other family members using their ISA allowance. Financial advice can guide you through the options.
Now that Brexit is confirmed it is time to start looking at the possible trade arrangements between the UK and the EU that will be taking place over the coming months as well as the possible effects on the economy.
Whether you are managing income in retirement or planning ahead, inflation, State Pension payments and the income options available need to be considered to give you financial control in retirement.
Make sure your year end tax planning is complete before your allowances are lost at the end of this tax year. There are many allowances available to you and your family, but you need to act now before some allowances are lost.
In retirement, protection is often overlooked and policies can lapse or company benefits stop. But is there still a need?
When markets are experiencing volatility, it can be a human instinct to withdraw investments from market risk and shelter them in a safe haven, but remaining invested in the markets can be beneficial over the longer term.
Our advisers can build an income strategy, so you can control your tax rate by using the allowances available to generate income in retirement from your portfolio in the most tax efficient way.
The State Pension is a valuable source of guaranteed income, so understanding more about it can really help with your retirement plans.
There are many different Benefits that can be claimed, however when we speak with clients many are unaware of the range of State Benefits that they could be entitled to.
How can parents and grandparents help the next generation to manage financially in their lives? You can support in many ways by helping with student living costs, getting them on the housing ladder, wedding costs or even contributing towards their pension pots.
Saving for retirement is a key part of financial planning, but the Lifetime Allowance is impacting more people when they start to take their retirement benefits. Find out how to tackle this problem.
Many retired clients may have had one or only a few employers, but what financial planning needs do contractors or freelancers need to consider if they are self-employed and not receiving employer sponsored benefits?
We are delighted to announce our latest awards for 2019, in recognition of our excellent service and putting clients at the heart of what we do
Research suggests that men are three times more likely to seek financial advice at retirement than women. Some of the key barriers to women investing are time, confidence and access to the right information.
As we are tending to live longer, many more people need long term care. Sensible financial planning can help you to be prepared for these costs, so that you and your loved ones do not have to worry about being able to afford the care which you may need.
In April, we shared some financial planning tips on making gifts to tackle Inheritance Tax (IHT) liabilities, but many clients have higher value illiquid assets which cannot be easily split to take advantage of the gifting allowances.
Many people underestimate the value of their assets and therefore do not consider the needs of estate planning. Find out what actions should be considered to manage the impact of Inheritance Tax on your estate.
Each tax year, there are several tax allowances available which can be used to make the most of your financial plans. Unused allowances can be lost ? although you will have new allowances in the new tax year which starts on the 6th April.
Since the introduction of pension freedoms in 2015, you can access your retirement savings in full from age 55. £6.7 billion was withdrawn from pension funds in 2017, the highest amount since the new rules were introduced. Find out how can we help you provide for your retirement income in the most tax efficient way?
Over 11 million UK residents have to complete their Self-Assessment tax return for the 2017/18 tax year by 31st January 2019. For many, the need to complete a self-assessment return is due to the additional income received from buy-to-let properties.
When markets are experiencing volatility, it can be a human instinct to gather your investments and withdraw them from investment risk and shelter them into a safe haven. Belinda Coombs provides her insight into why remaining invested in the markets is beneficial over the long term.
Being given the responsibility to act as an attorney to manage the financial or health affairs of another person can be a considerable task and for many clients it can be a challenge. Salvatore Volante provides some guidance on the responsibilities of an attorney and explains how our advisers can help you if you become an attorney.
We always aim to be clear and transparent about our charges. New regulations that have been introduced will provide further clarity on the fees and charges which you pay on your investments, both at outset and on an ongoing basis. Helen Luton looks at these new rules and what you can expect from Origen.
In the Budget speech on Monday 29th October, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, announced several tax proposals. With the prospect of higher UK growth than previously anticipated and better than expected public finances, he was able to announce tax changes which could benefit financial planning for individuals and business.

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